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Complete refurbishment or a tap washer

From plumbing in new bathtubs to re-roofing an entire property, we are here to help you keep your property in best condition.

Driveways, gardens, interiors - there's no part of your property we can't repair and maintain to an incredibly high standard. We can repair:

Emergency repairs

As well as helping to fix the damage and signs of wear that every property experiences over the years, we can also be on hand to promptly remedy the effects of fire, flood, or any other type of mishap.

Painting & Decorating

Inside and out

We are highly experienced painters and decorators and offer you quality workmanship at the right price, we always offer a free detailed specification and quotation and invite you to inspect the workmanship at critical stages, for external work that is following preparation, priming and prior to finishing, we always clean your windows externally free of charge on finishing to at least the standard they were before starting.

Repairing your property

We only use suitable fillers for timber and will carry out lasting repairs to brickwork and masonry.

We offer the Care Repair Resin system for larger woodwork repairs and our carpenter can replace all or part of any damaged woodwork to your property.

We also carry out repairs and replacement of UPVC windows and doors and replace blown double glazed units.

Getting your wallpaper right

Internally we offer the full range of our decorating skills from painting the kitchen ceiling to marbling the pillars at the front of the manor house.

We are highly skilled with older properties.

Building Refurbishments

As long as it takes

We are happy to carry out small works and also happy to offer a complete refurbishment, our highly experienced team can advise you on insulation requirements, structural requirements, damp problems and much more, we can also advise you on building regulations and deal with building control on your behalf if necessary, we offer a free detailed specification and fixed price quotation and we will carry out your works at times to suit you and we will finish on time subject to the British Weather.

Experienced with listed buildings

As well as working on modern properties, we're also well experienced in working on older properties and listed buildings, meaning we understand the high level of care and attention to detail which will be required.

What can we do?

We can help refurbish your property in a variety of manners, including:

Oven Cleaning

A task nobody looks forward to...

... except for us! Getting your oven back to its cleanest is no problem at all with our high standard oven cleaning equipment, with which we'll be sure to have your oven back to its best and brightest in no time.

A comprehensive clean:

Don't leave it dirty

Why leave your oven anything less than spotless?

Call Build - Maintain - Clean today to discuss your options - we can also get your entire kitchen, home and carpets perfectly clean too.

We will also be happy to give you a quotation for cleaning all your UPVC cladding, windows and doors.

For domestic & commercial clients

In both homes and businesses, having a clean, well maintained carpet can really make a great impression on visitors - this is why we make sure to clean all carpets to the same impeccably high standard.

A matter of health

Not only does a dirty carpet look unappealing, it can also harbour any number of mites, bacteria and molecules of dirt, which can of course be detrimental to your well-being - contact Build - Maintain - Clean today to discuss our carpet cleaning.

Cleaning from top to bottom

As well as cleaning your carpets, we can also get your oven looking spick and span, or simply clean your kitchen and home in its entirety.

We will be happy to give you a quotation for cleaning all your UPVC cladding, windows and doors.