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Who are we?

As a small family firm, we pride ourselves on providing you with a prompt and attentive building maintenance service. If we say we'll be there, we'll be there, on time and ready to work in a tidy, conscientious fashion.

From painting and decorating to minor repairs and full refurbishments, we are here to help you improve on your property. Ovens, whole kitchens, carpets, full homes - feel free to call in Build - Maintain - Clean when you need any part of your property looking utterly spotless.

If you need alterations to your driveway, paths, external walls, lawns or gardens please call us, we are highly experienced in drainage solutions and tree surgery, we offer you a free detailed specification and a written quotation for all your works and all at the right price so please call us today.

In addition to carpet and oven cleaning we offer a full home and commercial cleaning service, call us for any of your cleaning requirements.

Please call us if you are considering an extension, or perhaps a new garage, a new driveway or some structural alterations, our team is fully experienced in these types of works and offer free consultations with a detailed specification and quotation to follow, we are fully acquainted with older properties including listed buildings, we are fully competent in brick and flint work and cob work, we love stone buildings and can resolve your insulation or damp problems at the right price, please call us today.

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What our clients say:

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says Mr. Adrian Edmonson, Bradford